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Juan M. Ramos

☀ Currently in Malaga, Spain

HR Professional & Maker

Welcome to my page.

I am a passionate Human Resources professional and Project Manager with over 10 years of experience in multinational tech companies.

My purpose is to help organisations to grow, implement and improve their People strategy to create truly rewarding experiences for customers, through a smart use of technology and creativity.

I am also passionate about personal development and entrepreneurship, and in my spare time I work on projects that have a social and technological impact.

If you'd like to know more about what who I am, what do I do or just want to say hello, feel free to contact me on any of the options listed here or via the contact form below.

Work experience

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2021 - Currently

HR Program Manager
I execute HR projects and programs that contribute to Amazon's expansion in the South of Europe.

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2018 - 2021

People Manager
Developing all Talent programs at country level for a population of almost 1000 employees, while creating the company's HR Shared Services structure to provide an excepcional employee experience to our People. Leading a team of 5.
Strong focus on the digitisation of the HR function, acting also as a Project Manager for the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors in the country.

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2016 - 2018

EMEIA People Ops Specialist
Based in Ireland, I oversaw the daily operations of the HR department as a part of the Leadership team in a Shared Services environment.
Created, managed and maintained our knowledge. Facilitated training and development initiatives to make sure that our team provided the highest possible quality standards to our customers.
Led, executed projects and improved processes that provided creative solutions to our people problems and created amazing experiences for employees, like the creation of EMEIA People Support Knowledge Base. Advised and partnered with company leaders across EMEIA on key HR policies. Stakeholders included Employee Relations, Legal, Marketing, HR Tech, IS&T among others.
Recruited the best talent for our People team.

Projects led: Development of HR Knowledge Base, New HRIS modules deployment, New Hires Onboarding and Training Program, among others.

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2015 - 2016

Senior People Ops Advisor
Based in Ireland, I led the HR advice for the Spanish market and supported countries like Ireland and the UK.
Acted as a partner in HR for employees and managers, helping them to resolve doubts about benefits, HRIS, payroll and employee data.
Analysed trends, identified problems and executed projects that provide creative solutions to our people processes, to make the HR experience a truly rewarding one for our employees.

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2011 - 2015

HR Generalist
Partnered with global HR departments of Abengoa to provide support with HRIS, compensation, reporting, HR internal audits, process improvement and automation, time away management and monitoring.
Created HR reference documents to train employees in subsidiaries with the objective to align our global HR teams abroad with the corporate culture and processes.
Acted as SME with our HRIS PeopleSo!, being the first point of contact for all HR teams worldwide, providing support with all processes including training, development, reporting and recruitment.

Juanma Ramos



Junior Recruiter
Recruited junior profiles for Finance, Marketing and Sales roles.
Improved the candidate experience by mapping the whole recruitment process, automating tasks and proposing solutions that shortened the time from application to hire by 10%.

Entreprenurial projects

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2019 - 2020

Maker - (Side project)
Created Mentory with the goal of making development opportunities accessible to all my fellow Millennials.

Mentory is the first marketplace where you can connect with a mentor and have an online session with them. My goal here is to help my generation to become the best version of themselves and build tomorrow's leaders, one conversation at a time.

Sold to an American company to be merged in their online learning platform.

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2014 - 2017

Maker - (Side project)

Founded and managed all activities of the company from product design, manufacturing to shipping and customer support whilst working full time.

I created Nyloon when I wanted to use the famous NATO straps in my smartwatches but I wasn't able to find a nice version of the this strap specifically made to fit these watches. To fix that, I created few straps for myself and friends and we like them so much that I asked...why not sharing this product with the rest of the world?

Sold to an American retailer in 2017.

My education

MicroMaster in Project Management
Rochester Institute of Technology (RITx)

Juanma Ramos

Master in HR Management
ESNA Business School

Juanma Ramos

Bachelor Degree in Labor Sciences
Univeristy of Granada & University of Siena

Juanma Ramos

Degree in Labor Relations
Univeristy of Granada, Spain

Juanma Ramos

Senior Management Program in Digital Talent

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Other Education
Other training includes self study courses like The Story Skills Workshop by Seth Godin, HTML & CSS at Codecademy, and continuous learning activities in online platforms in the field of HR, Project Management, Design and Communication.

Other info


English: Advanced Level (C1) - Cambridge University, UK.

Italian: Intermediate Level (B1) - Università degli Studi di Siena, Italy.

Spanish: Native


HRIS / PeopleSoft
MS Office suite
iWork suite
Google suite
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Media Mentions

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Academic Collaborations

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2018 - Speaker in the workshop for Master's students "Keys for a winning resume"

My Top 5 Strenghts

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1️⃣ Deliverer2️⃣ Problem Solver3️⃣ Philomat4️⃣ Peace Keeper5️⃣ Catalyst
Your objective is to take responsibility. If there is a person who is emotionally bound to follow through on all promises - then it's you. Your strong ethical principles do not let you to simply write missteps off on excuses and rationalizations. It holds true no matter how small or large is the issue you are dealing with. Your name and reputation depend on you being responsible for your commitments. That's why people love to have you in their team. When assigning new responsibilities, they look at you first. They are 100% sure that what'll get on your desk - will get done no matter what.Your objective is to solve problems. Any breakdowns are normally demotivating to the majority of people, but not for you. At the contrary, when something does not work the way it should be, it provides you an opportunity to analyze symptoms of a problem, identify what's wrong and find the solution. In other words, you are a great problem solver. What makes you particularly special is that instead of abandoning - your goal is to restore something to its true glory. In a team, everyone knows you as a person who does not shy away from a problem, but actually fixes things to their normal functioning.Your objective is to learn new things. Due to your love of learning people tend to say you are a very curious person. You like to experiment with different styles of learning as well - in the end, there is something to learn from that as well, right? As it's the processes itself that excite you, you are not necessarily interested in becoming a subject matter expert. Instead you prefer learning something fast and then shift to a new thing to learn. Thanks to this strength, you learn very fast and thrive in short projects and dynamically changing environments. Needless to say, you will always be the one to contribute with new knowledge to your team as well.Your objective is to solve conflicts and to establish harmony. You believe that, because conflicts divide us, one needs to find areas of common agreement to go further. You always wonder why people waste so much time in confrontations, while they could be more productive looking for consensus. Therefore, you always seek for common ground with others, even if it comes at a sacrifice of your own opinion for the sake of harmony and balance. You are one of those people with a strong sense of forgiveness. Your talent helps to minimize rocking of the team boat and mitigate conflicts on board as you search for win-win solutions for everyone.Your objective is to act and to initiate action. You cannot wait until the discussions are over, wondering when we can actually start doing something. Undoubtedly, sometimes the progress could be achieved in a meeting room, but deep down in your heart you know it's the action that leads to tangible results. If some can be resistant to act because they don't have full information, for you - acting is the best teacher and the best source of information. How can you know something does not work if we haven't tried it? You make a decision, you take action, you look at the result, and you learn. As the result, you are impatient for action and, if not managed, it can lead to confusion of your team members. However, this talent of transforming intangible ideas into tangible actions is invaluable in every team. It's all because you believe that you will be evaluated by what you get done, not what you say or what you think.

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